Exceed W Scales

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Exceed W Scales
are the latest and specialized digital weighing scales from Elane. These scales offer a wide range of important functions and special features which cannot be found in other weighing scales.

The following features make Exceed W Scale a must-have weighing device:

  • Count Function - It automatically counts the items on your scale platform based on the sampling that you made.

  • Batch Weighing Function - It lets you program a weight value and use this as a reference to weigh items accurately. This is useful when packing products or items that should meet a standard weight specification.

  • Weight Display in Different Units - It displays weight on the platform in different units of measurements. It is like having an instant weight conversion calculator.

  • Easy to Read Liquid Crystal Display - Exceed W Scale displays are very clear and readable. You may also opt to turn on or off the backlight for your convenience.

  • RS232 Compatible Interface Cable - This interface cable can be used to connect your scale to your computer and other serial devices. This interface cable is sold SEPARATELY.**

  • Online Software Update - Exceed W Scale software updates can be done online and only within a few minutes using Exceed W PC Program*** which can be downloaded for free. Use the RS232 Interface Cable to connect your scale to your computer and perform software update. In case of software changes, there is no need for replacement chips to be shipped from the factory.

  • Zero Tracking and No Zero Tracking Software - You can choose what type of software to program to your Exceed W Scale. The Zero Tracking software is the regular and  default software that is programmed into Exceed W scales. The No Zero Tracking software is optional during scale software update. For more information about these types of software, visit Exceed W Scale FAQ page.

  • Different Models to Choose From - These scales are available in the following weighing capacity/graduation:

  • Exceed W Scale 500g/0.01g

  • Exceed W Scale 500g/0.1g

  • Exceed W Scale 5kg/0.1g

  • Exceed W Scale 10kg/1g

If there is a software update, it is very easy to update your scale to comply with the changes.  Software can be updated via Internet and replacement chips are not needed. Just follow these simple steps:


**Click here to order an interface cable for your Exceed W Scale.
Exceed W PC Program can only be installed and run on Windows-based computers.

For details please contact :


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