Type Bending Beam

Model ELC-09S
Rated Output (R.O.) 1.0mv/V 5%
Zero Balance 5% of R.O.
Creep at Rated Capacity(20min) 0.03% of R.O.
Nonlinearity, Hysteresis and
0.03% of R.O.
Input Impedance 394 ohm 15 ohm
Output Impedance 350 ohm 3 ohm
Temperature Compensated -10 C to 50 C
Temperature Effect on Output 0.003% of Applied Load/C
Temperature Effect on Zero 0.005% of Rated Output/C
Safe Overloading 1.5 x Rated Capacity
Recommended Excitation 10V DC OR AC
Material Aluminum
Tool Steel
Capacity 1, 2, kg 50, 100 kg

Low capacity, high accuracy load cell, generally used for test and industrial application.

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