Keyboard Overlay Order Form for SE35 Postal Scales

Dear Customers: Thank you for purchasing one of our postal scales in the past few years

As a service to our customers, we are posting this information to let you know of an available keyboard for specific SE35 Model


Please enter all data required to process your request. We can supply any data chip for any ELANE made product world wide.

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SE35 Keyboard Overlay
Order Quantity
Each keyboard overlay costs US$5.20 + US$4.50 shipping cost (for all models)


SE35 Keyboard Overlay Pictures  (Please click on the images to see larger image)

SE35 Hong Kong


SE35 Sweden


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payments are welcome.  In PAYPAL we accept A$, US$, GBP, EURO and Can$ on our Paypal Account 

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Prices subject to change without prior notices.

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