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Highest Quality Postal Scales and Postage Computing Scales 
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Postal Scales and Postage Computing Scales


Postal/Weighing Scales

These scales are perfect for weighing items of almost all kinds - postal items like envelopes, mailing tubes, packages, lighter items for your daily needs like recipe ingredients, and other items that you may think to weigh.
Choose the most appropriate scale that suits your needs - from the models that simply displays the weight of the item on the platform to the models that do more than just weighing.

Exceed i Scales                 Exceed W Scales                 Plus Scales
5,000g x 1g (12lb x 0.01 oz)*
- Intelligent precision electronic scales with state of the art functions and features for more advanced weighing needs
- Has six main functions and ten special functions - all developed for your different weighing applications
- Can be connected to a computer for software updates

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                10,000g x 1g (22lb x 0.1 oz)*
- Specialized digital weighing scales with wide range of functions not found in other scales
- Special functions include count and batch weighing
- Can be connected to a computer for software updates

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                5,000g x 1g (12lb x 0.1 oz)*
- Small and compact digital weighing scales ideal for postal items and for office or home use
- Large and clear LCD

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USB Scales                 PS1000 Scales                 PS2000W Scales
30,000g x 1g (70lb x 0.2 oz)*
- USB powered, high-capacity digital weighing scales ideal for postal items and parcels
- Can be connected to a computer using USB to acquire weight information and interface to online postage services such as stamps.com, Endicia, USPS, or other application programs
- Large and clear LCD

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                10,000g x 1g (22lb x 0.1 oz)*
- High-capacity digital weighing scales ideal for postal items
- Can be connected to a computer to acquire weight information for internet postage or for an application program

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                10,000g x 1g (22lb x 0.1 oz)*
- Highly accurate and precise weighing scales that also has counting and batching functions

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* - Maximum Capacity for specified model


Latest Postal Rate Changes

Order new rate chips for your scales now!

USA Postal Service Rate Change effective
January 2020

Australia Postal Service Rate Change effective October 2016

UK Postal Service Rate Change effective March 2020

Deutsche Post Rate Change effective January 2014

POS Malaysia Rate Change effective July 2013

Latest software for Elane Scales available now!

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