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Dear Customer,

We frequently add new product to the first page of our website www.elane.net with convenient links to comprehensive product information - perhaps we have the product you are looking for.

Please ask us for more information and pricing on these, any of our or custom designed products:

New Items:

  • Android Scale Plus Bluetooth - Android Scale software can read the weight from an Elane Bluetooth scale such as the Plus BT 10lb /5kg Android scale model. The scale is switchable to grams and lb. oz. display. Simply switch the scale ON and press the PAIR button for 5 seconds to connect to your Android phone. You can use this scale with plenty of Free applications supplied by Elane, the leading scale company.
  • Load Cell Kit - A 5lb-120lb load cell with LCD to display weight or without LCD and display weight by PC program. Comes with PC Program to tare and display weight in Gram, Kilogram, Pound, Pound-Ounce, and Ounce.
  • USB Load Cell - A 5-30kg load cell connected and powered by USB. Comes with PC Program to tare and display weight in Gram, Kilogram, Pound, Pound-Ounce, and Ounce. 
  • Bar Manager Scale System - A sophisticated inventory data management system for use in liquor control or bars and restaurants. You can easily monitor and audit the change in weight of all bottles, from this change we can determine how much was poured and ultimately the equivalent cash amount is calculated. The Scale is the heart of the system and can be used as a stand alone product or can be used to take inventory. It also contains connection and software to read the scanner, connect and drive the thermal printer and connect the keg scale. Our scale is the complete management system and we use the PC program only for editing, data management and synchronization.
  • Paint/Mix Manager Scale - A digital scale which allows mixing of printing ink or similar items such as chemicals or adhesive in an accurate and convenient way. Simply select your predefined colors (up to 20 colors) then you are ready to mix. Just enter the total weight of mix and then the IM Pro computes the required individual weight components for each color and guide you through the process with its intelligent LCD prompts. Recipes or formulae are downloadable to the scale's internal memory which can accommodate up to 30,000 different kinds of formula or recipe. There is an application program that will manage data download to/from the scale to a PC. Programs can be easily called by program number. The recipe format is in MS Excel and can also be edited in Excel or Open Office versions of this file type. And as a safety feature to prevent waste it has a special function to recalculate the mix in case one color was accidentally over poured. It will automatically determine this rescue operation and prompt on the LCD.
  • Lab Inventory Manager Scale -A digital scale to manage stock and inventory control in laboratories and pharmacies. It can be connected to a scanner, thermal printer, and to PC for complete stock and inventory management system for your laboratory or pharmacy.  
  • Coin Counting Scale - Provides accurate counting of coins in any currency. We also supply mechanical coin counters.
  • Bank Note Counting Scale - Provides accurate counting of banknotes in any currency. We also supply mechanical banknote counters.
  • USB Scales - USB powered digital scales from 5lb to 60lb. The scale can also be interfaced to PC via USB which allows integration of scale weight output to your applications.
  • Drink Manager Scale - Use this scale to monitor your daily intake of water or any liquid by using the Drink Manager Scale. There is a built in buzzer to remind the user to drink the water or the liquid and at the same time the scale monitors if the consumption is exact, not enough, or in excess.

 Please do not hesitate to inquire about these or any of our other products or a custom designed product.


Latest Postal Rate Changes

Order new rate chips for your scales now!

USA Postal Service Rate Change effective
January 2020

Australia Postal Service Rate Change effective October 2016

UK Postal Service Rate Change effective March 2020

Deutsche Post Rate Change effective January 2014

POS Malaysia Rate Change effective July 2013

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