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 Digital Load Simulator Model EL41

Ink Manager Scale

Ink Manager Scale Function and Features


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      Finally there is a high quality and high precision digital scale which allows mixing of printing ink or similar items such as chemicals or adhesive in an accurate and convenient way. Simply select your predefined recipe or formula then you are ready to mix. Just enter the total weight of mix and then the PM Scale computes the required individual weight components for each color and guide you through the process with its intelligent LCD prompts.

      Recipes or formulae are downloadable to SD card which can accommodate up to 30,000 different kinds of formula or recipe. There is an application program that will manage data for recipes and formulae and then later convert it to CSV format and save it in the SD card. Recipes can be referenced by name, recipe number or bar code (assigned). A transaction history of the 10 last used recipes is also available for quick mixing of commonly used recipes. The recipe format is in MS Excel and can also be edited in Excel or Open Office versions of this file type.

      There is slot for SD card for data transfer to the scale from PC file or vice versa. This is more convenient especially when the scale is used remotely and is not available in the office to load data. Just copy the newest recipe file to the SD card and insert the SD card in the PM scale to access newly stored recipes or formulae. The PM Scale directly reads and writes data to the SD card.

      The Ink Manager Scale is also equipped with large graphics LCD that can display 24 characters by 4 lines and is large enough to display messages and information during ink mixing or data input. There are also 16 LEDs that act as progress indicator during ink mixing or they could indicate the status of a certain process (i.e. warning or error is indicated by blinking red LEDs and completed process is indicated by blinking green or yellow LEDs).
The Ink Manager Scale is highly accurate and repeatable. As a safety feature to prevent waste it has a special function to recalculate the mix in case one color was accidentally over poured. It will automatically determine this rescue operation and prompt on the LCD.

       A transaction history is available for the past transactions for quality control purposes. An optional thermal printer will print the transaction history on line or can be set to print every transaction as it occurs. This helps eliminating errors with the printed record for quality control purposes.

Function and Features

  • Highly accurate ink mixing of up to 30,000 different recipes or formulae (some are preloaded in the scale)

  • Can mix ink or colors composed of up to 20 base colors

  • Simple and easy to use ink mixing scale with Tare function (for using ink container during mixing)

  • Simply enter the recipe name, number or bar code and the total weight of the final mix then the scale calculates exact weight for each color component for a specific combination

  • Recalculation of over poured ink or color feature – allows adjustments of ink or color weight or amount when a certain color is over poured by mistake

  • Recipe file stored in SD card to accommodate up to 30,000 kinds of recipes/formulae

  • A transaction record or history is available which later can be downloaded to PC for quality control records

  • PC Program to edit or manage recipe/formula download – formula download allows import of data from Excel or CSV file format then later save to SD card in a format that can be read by the scale (PC Program will automatically do it)

  • The scale can also be used as a regular 5000-gram scale with 0.1g resolution

  • Switchable between gram and ounce display in Setup Menu

  • Graphics LCD with large display (4 lines by 24 characters)

  • 16 LEDs for progress and status indicators (8 green LEDs, 4 yellow LEDs, and 4 red LEDs)

  • USB port for data – can be used for USB devices such as USB sticks or USB printers

  • USB port for power – can power up USB devices such as bar code scanners

  • Optional accessories – thermal printer and barcode scanner for printing recipe information, barcodes, transaction log and other scale data and input of paint barcodes for the transaction history.

  • Downloadable Software updates when there are enhancements or software corrections.


User Entered Data
Keypad Entered formulas 100
PC programmable ink systems No
PC software & interface cable Yes
PC programmable formulas 30,000


Weighing capacity (kg) 5
Ink mix capacity (kg) 4.5
Standard accuracy (kg) 0.0001
High resolution mode (kg) 0.00005

Weighing capacity (g) 5000
Ink mix capacity (g) 4500
Standard accuracy (g) 0.1
High resolution mode (g) 0.05

Weighing capacity (oz) 180
Ink mix capacity (oz) 160
Standard accuracy (oz) 0.005
High resolution mode (oz) 0.002

Power Variants  
USA & Canada (120V 60Hz)
Europe & ROW 230V 50Hz)

Technology Membrane, Domed Keyboard for Tactile Response
Quantity 20

Keyboard Layout  
Elane Print Manager Color Formula Scale Keyboard Layout


Scale 318mm x 270mm x 118mm (length x width x height)
Platform 265mm (length), 215mm (width)



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Australia Postal Service Rate Change effective October 2016

UK Postal Service Rate Change effective March 2020

Deutsche Post Rate Change effective January 2014

POS Malaysia Rate Change effective July 2013

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