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Highest Quality Postal Scales and Postage Computing Scales


Exceed i Scale - Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding Exceed i Scale:


1.  What is Exceed i  Intelligent Precision Electronic Scale?

Exceed i  Intelligent Precision Electronic Scale or simply Exceed i Scale is the latest STATE-OF-THE-ART digital weighing and multi-purpose scale from Elane. It is not only a weighing scale but it has other functions which cannot be found in an ordinary scale. Combined hardware and software specifications make Exceed i Scale an amazing and powerful scale. Visit main page to see more specifications and features of this scale.

2.  What are the main functions included in an Exceed i Scale?

The main functions of Exceed i  Scale include: batch weighing, counting function, weight factor function, weight percentage function, weight difference function, and count difference function. For more details about these functions, please check out the main page.

3.  What are the interesting features of the Exceed
i Scale?
Aside from the above-mentioned main functions, this scale also includes 10 programmable functions which are fully customizable. Users can select which functions to activate in the scale. For more information about these programmable functions, click here.

4.  What are the different models of Exceed i Scale?
The Exceed i Scale comes in three models: Exceed i 500g/0.05g, Exceed i 5kg/0.5g, Exceed i 10 kg/1g.

5.  What is online software update for Exceed i Scales?

Exceed i Scales are constantly being improved by Elane - in terms of software and its functions and users will benefit from these updates. In cases where Elane issues software updates (for software improvements or software corrections), it is very easy to keep your Exceed i Scale updated, too. You can just download Exceed i PC Program*** for FREE and use it to update your scale. You also need to register your scale in order to avail of the free software update.

6.  What is an Exceed i  PC Program?

The Exceed i  PC Program is the complete software application that will let you maximize the full potentials of your Exceed i   Scale. It lets you access your scale and retrieve important data and information from all of its functions. This application will also let you update your scale with its latest software. And note that this can be downloaded for FREE!


7.  How can I get a copy of Exceed i  PC Program for my Exceed i  Scale?

You can freely download the latest setup file for Exceed i  PC Program here.

8.  How do I use the Exceed i  PC Program to update my Exceed i  Scale?

Exceed i Scale can be connected to the computer and will communicate with the Exceed i PC Program during software update. You need to have the INTERFACE CABLE for your Exceed i  Scale to connect it to your computer. This interface cable comes with the Exceed i Scale for FREE.


9.  I have more than one Exceed i  Scale, can I use the same Exceed i  PC Program to update all my scales?

For our INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS. For the meantime (for security reasons), we are restricting the use of Exceed i PC Program installed on ONE computer to ONE Exceed i Scale. The moment you install and use Exceed i PC Program to update an Exceed i Scale, then it is exclusive for that specific scale and you will not be able to update another Exceed i Scale using that Exceed i PC Program. You need to install Exceed i PC Program in another computer to update another scale.

For our DEALERS: YES. Dealers will be given Exceed Scale i PC Program that can update several scales. After installing Exceed Scale i PC Program, it can be used to update multiple scales. The main reason for this is to allow our dealers update their scales on stock when there are rate changes.

10.  How do I use programmable functions of the Exceed
i Scale?
Programmable functions of the scale can be used once they are unlocked using a code. These programmable functions are not offered free on the Exceed i  Scale and you need to purchase unlock codes for each function. To purchase code for a certain function, click here.

11. It is noted that purchase and price of Data Log function unlock code includes an external memory cartridge. What is the use of this cartridge?
Yes, this external memory cartridge is included in the purchase of Data Log function unlock code. This is used in data logging of weight. It serves as a data storage of logged weight values. Data stored in this cartridge can be retrieved using the Exceed i PC Program.

12.  I have registered an Exceed i Scale under my account, but now I am reselling it to another person, can he/she still register the scale under his account?

YES. If you are a scale distributor and have registered several Exceed i Scales for software update, you may delete these scale registration accounts so that your customers or other end-users will be able to register their scales under their account.  Customers who are reselling their scale can also do the same thing. Under the Exceed Registration menu, you can find the submenu Delete Scale Registration. Go to this page and enter the valid 8-digit serial number of the Exceed i  Scale you want to delete its registration.


13.  I read a "Scale Remote Calibration" feature of my Exceed i  Scale? What is this all about?

Scale Remote Calibration allows you to calibrate your scale using the Remote Calibration Program either by adjusting your local gravity value or using a standard weight from which you can specify your own or you can choose from our list of standard objects. For more details, click here.


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USA Postal Service Rate Change effective
January 2020

Australia Postal Service Rate Change effective October 2016

UK Postal Service Rate Change effective March 2020

Deutsche Post Rate Change effective January 2014

POS Malaysia Rate Change effective July 2013

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