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Exceed i 5kg


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Exceed i  Intelligent Precision Electronic Scale 5kg/0.5g



  • STATE-OF-THE-ART digital weighing and multi-purpose scale from Elane

  • Offers a wide range of important functions and customized features which cannot be found in other weighing scales

  • Power packed with new and exciting features which are all fully customizable - it can function as a weight converter, as a batch weighing scale, as a counting scale, as a postal scale, as a coin counter scale, as a weight recording scale, and other functions that it is capable of

  • Despite its multi-functionality, ease of use and interaction with the scale is maintained

  • Equipped with an application program, the Exceed PC Program, that can be used to further interact with your scale via computer

  • Intelligent precision digital weighing scale in the world especially made and developed by Elane for all users who are looking for new innovation, vitality, flexibility, multi-functionality, and interactivity in weighing scales


  • Easy to Read Liquid Crystal Display - Exceed i  Scale displays are very clear and readable. You may also opt to turn on or off the backlight for your convenience.

  • RS232 Compatible Interface Cable - This interface cable can be used to connect your scale to your computer and other serial devices. This is also used to interact with Exceed PC Program and use customized features of the scale. This is supplied with the scale.

  • External Memory Cartridge - 128 KB of external memory cartridge that can be used in data logging feature. This cartridge is optional and is sold SEPARATELY from the scale.

  • Logical Output Cable for Batch Weighing Feature - Includes Batch Data Control Output Cable that can be used to determine outputs during batch weighing

  • Models Come in Different Weighing Capacity and Resolution - choose the model that will fit your weighing needs. Exceed i Scale is available in 500gram/0.05gram, 5kg/0.5gram, 10kg/1gram scale models (capacity/resolution).


  • Display Weights in 6 Standard Units - scale can display weights in gram, kilogram, pounds, pounds/ounces, troy pounds, troy pounds/ounces. It is like having an instant weight conversion calculator.

  • Batch Weighing Function - lets you program a weight value and use this as a reference to weigh items accurately. This is useful when packing products or items that should meet a standard weight specification.

  • Count Function – counts number of objects on the scale according to a sampling made.

  • Weight Factor Function – allows multiplication of the current weight reading by a certain factor (this can increase or decrease scale weight reading).

  • % Weight - calculates percentage of the current weight on the platform with regards to a target weight.

  • Count Difference Function - counts the number of items that are being removed from or being added to the scale (shows the change in count of the items on the platform).

  • Weight Difference Function - calculates and shows the weight that is being removed from or being added to the scale (shows the change in weight of the items on the platform.

  • Memory Store Function – stores values that can be used for later reference.

  • Memory Recall Function – recalls previous stored values that can be used in the current function.

  • Hold Function – freezes the current display on the LCD and this is helpful when weighing items that are considerably large and tend to block the display on the LCD.

  • Tare Function – sets weight back to 0 and this is helpful when weighing items with containers (subtracts the weight of the container from the overall weight to get the actual weight of the item).

  • Auto Calibrate Function – allows scale calibration using a specific weight (in case the scale loses accuracy).

  • Data Send Function – allows sending of weight data to a computer program and this can be done manually or within time intervals.

  • Zero Tracking and No Zero Tracking Software - You can choose what type of software to program to your Exceed i Scale. The Zero Tracking software is the regular and  default software that is programmed into Exceed i scales. The No Zero Tracking software is optional during scale software update. For more information about these types of software, visit Exceed i Scale FAQ page.

  • Online Software Update – in cases where there are software enhancements for the scale, it can be updated using only an application program. Exceed i Scale software updates can be done online and only within a few minutes using Exceed i  PC Program which can be downloaded. Use the RS232 Interface Cable to connect your scale to your computer and perform software update. In case of software changes, there is no need for replacement chips to be shipped from the factory. The online software update is FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Add-on Functions*:

    1.  Weight Data – sends and displays current weight on the Exceed i  PC Program**.
    2.  Batch Data – sends and displays results of batch weighing on the Exceed
    i PC Program. This is helpful when you need to capture the results of batch weighing and use it to process further actions.
    3.  Count Data – sends and displays the number of items counted in Count function.
    4.  Factor Data – sends and displays results of weight adjustments using a factor.
    5.  Data Log - allows reading of logged data from the external memory cartridge of the Exceed
    i Scale. The external memory cartridge of the scale is an optional component and this can be used to store or save weight values during data logging.
    6.  Coin Counter - allows the scale to be connected to a coin counter application program which is a part of the Exceed
    i  PC Program.
    7.  Postal Calculator - allows the scale to be connected to a postal calculator program which is a part of the Exceed
    i PC Program.
    8.  Remote Calibration – allows user to perform remote scale calibration of his Exceed
    i scale. In cases where there is need to adjust scale’s calibration due to change in demographic location or abnormalities of the surroundings, use this to adjust calibration settings of the scale.
    9.  Remote Scale – allows the scale to be connected to an external weighing platform. Exceed
    i scale can have an external weighing platform with separate load cell and it usually can accommodate heavier weights (up to 30 kg).
    10.  User Program – this is intended for a customized application program that users may want for their Exceed
    i scale.

    *All of these functions are fully customizable. Each feature can be selected and activated on the scale using an unlock code. This unlock code can be purchased online. Use this in the Exceed i  PC Program to unlock and use the function. To purchase an unlock code for a certain feature of the Exceed i Intelligent Precision Electronic Scale, click here.





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