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This website represents the leading manufacturer and designer of postage computing scales, postal weighing scales, digital scales, specialized scales, and other scale products. We also design scales and software according to customer's needs and specifications. We can make any scale together with its software that will suit your needs and specifications.
We build high quality and excellent scales at reasonable prices. We are ISO certified.

Please take a look at these products that we specialize in:

  • Postage Computing Scales for any country (with or without interface to franking machines)

  • Postal Scales (for weighing postal items like envelopes, packages)

  • Parcel Scales

  • Counting Scales (for general use)

  • Coin Counting Scales

  • Price Scales

  • Digital Scales

  • USB Scales (USB connection to PC and thermal printers, USB-powered)

  • Special Scales (Bar Manager scale)

  • Network Scales

  • Industrial Scales (high-capacity scales)

  • PC-Interfaced Scales (PC connection via RS232 or USB cables)

  • Load Cells

  • Scale PCBs

  • Custom PCB Manufacturing

Compared to slightly cheaper scales from other Asian Manufacturers, ELANE products are easily distinguished by:


  < Lower left display for user-friendliness
  < Auto-calibration to eliminate errors over time and allow at site gravity adjustments
  < Electronic linearization over the entire range individually memorized for each load-cell in non-volatile memory chip
  < Wide Range Temperature Compensation for improved performance worldwide under any temperature condition  
  < Movable platform for large envelopes on some scales (U.S. patented)  
  < Mechanical overload protection with audio feedback (on some models)  
  < User friendly and clear-labeled sealed membrane keyboard - no guesswork  
  < Fast Reading on high contrast wide temperature range LCD or dot matrix LCD displays  
  < RS232, USB or Neopost Franking Machine Interface (on some models)  
  < User friendly software - no need to read the manual  
  < Multilingual display on models for USA and Canada  
  < No cheap components inside critical electronic circuits to maintain long life and accuracy  
  < Elane only uses in-house manufactured load-cells and we also supply our load-cells to medical equipment manufacturers in Germany and USA.  
  < Short Lead Time for software changes and new models because of RAD development  
< BEST price/quality relationship in the world
  < Award winning case design  
  < We stand behind our product, no matter how old or defective we can service the product.  
  < Any postal rate or postal structure changes can be catered for now and in the future
because of the unique ELANE software/hardware design. The data chip contains the full operating software together with the new postal rates and the keyboard overlay is replaceable. Some scales can be updated via the Internet also.
  < All software data chips are backward compatible with older model scales for each country
  < Plug 'N Weigh data chip - simply remove the old data chip with supplied tools and insert  the new data chip.
  < All accessories supplied: Adapter, interface cable(s), Calibration Weight(s), Manual -  nothing  else to buy to operate the  product.

We challenge your present suppliers to match our features listed above.
We tailor our software and hardware to your requirements without misunderstandings.
You may also get a price quotation from us without any run-around or minimum orders.
Here at Elane, you get the quality, reliability, and solutions for your exact product requirement and specifications. We are 100% confident about our quality and workmanship.

Contact us now for your questions or inquiries.


Latest Postal Rate Changes

Order new rate chips for your scales now!

USA Postal Service Rate Change effective
January 2020

Australia Postal Service Rate Change effective October 2016

UK Postal Service Rate Change effective March 2020

Deutsche Post Rate Change effective January 2014

POS Malaysia Rate Change effective July 2013

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