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As international postal services increasingly embrace e-commerce opportunities and by rapidly responding to advanced technology, ELANE  positioned  itself as a responsive postal scale manufacturer.

Advancement in PC software in conjunction with revised postal policies and postal changes combined with the PC technology advancements have brought significant increase in speed and enhanced the accuracy  relating to the postage computing process.
  • This PC Based Postal Scale provides easy access for customer use and maintenance that is essential to its market success  because of its multi application

  • Better service to your customers due to the ability to provide real-time answers to postage computing

  • Greater productivity due to fast use of data entry and at the same time it eliminates  work

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Further development of advanced functions are driven by opportunities for cost-savings and the competitive advantages offered by additional information. ELANE seeks to keep its services abreast with developments in industry and commerce. This is consistent with the natural expectation of customers should be in the forefront in technology and functional design


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* Models for other countries are also available upon request and order.
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