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ELANE makes your bar’s success measurable!

  • It eliminates having to take inventory because it provides 24/7 real time inventory information from anywhere via web link
  • Provides transparency over consumption versus billing through an interface between the ELANE CPU and your POS system.
  • Flags irregularities such as unregistered bottles, missing bottles and back pouring.
  • Allows for staff monitoring because one can track under- and overpouring, and drinks that were poured, but not entered into the POS system.
  • Issues restocking alerts for F&B managers on duty.
  • Provides accessibility to inventory information from anywhere via web link without having to be onsite.
  • The system can be installed so that it is completely unobtrusive, and does not interfere, but enhances your bar’s operation.
  • The system is as good as invisible to the customer and does not distract from your bars ambience or the beauty of your expensive bottles.
  • Provides valuable consumption data for just-in-time reordering.
  • Helps lower costs by creating transparency of liquor loss.
  • The ELANE CPU is autonomous and reliant on your POS and cannot be influenced by your staff. Our system provides unadulterated consumption data.

Securing Your Investment Down to the last Drop!

  • Drastically reduces inventory time.
  • Provides 24/7 real time inventory information.
  • Provides transparency over consumption versus billing.
  • Flags irregularities.
  • Allows for staff monitoring.
  • Issues restocking alerts.
  • Provides accessibility from anywhere via web link.
  • Help lower costs of unexplained liquor loss.

How the System Works

  • Tag the bottles with our tags
  • Scan the bottles into our registry scale, the bottle is now registered to the system as passive stock.
  • The Bartender receives the order and enters it into the POS.
  • Use bottle for first time, this activates the bottle in the system. The bottle is removed from it’s scale and the drink is poured.
  • The bottle is placed back on its original, or another scale, the system recognizes the bottle regardless of where it is placed.
  • The exact amount poured is registered by the system and the information is posted to the ELANE CPU.
  • At the end of a shift one can interface the POS data with the ELANE data and review consumption versus billing

Other Functionalities

  • Can assist in bartender review and training, because it registers under and overpouring.
  • On duty F&B managers can review stock regularly from their office. The system can provide restocking alerts.
  • The system will identify unregistered bottles placed on scales.
  • The system will post alerts for bottles that are registered, but not placed back on a scale (breakage, loss, theft?).
  • The system has been heavily tested for robustness and usual wear and tear.
  • The scale cover are water resistant and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Via our Executive Interface the bar stock and consumption can be reviewed by executive management 24/7.