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Industry Facts:

  • Sales of beverage alcohol generates significantly higher gross profits than does food

  • A great portion of the revenue you need to generate comes from selling drink

  • Most existing forms of beverage control are time consuming, highly inaccurate and don't allow operators the ability to track the Cause of Variances

  • The statistics tell us that most establishments are losing between 20‐30% of their alcohol to bartender theft and over‐pouring.

 What Management Wants:

Easy Inventory:
Automated inventory,
Accurate real time inventory
Restocking warnings when items running out

Invisible to the customer

Interface with existing POS systems
Easy to use for personnel
Easy access to understandable data
A management summary of all lost revenues and stock

Professional Control:
Have comparison about billing versus
consumption data

Management flags of all irregularities
Know when and how bottles are being
tampered with

Obtain shelf life data

The Suxessbar System is the world’s 1
st realtime liquor inventory and control system, and the only system that fulfills all of the above requirements.

Ramifications of not having such a system:

Grey/black holes in liquor control…
Untraceable stock losses , shrinkage &

Under/ Over‐ pouring
Unethical bar personnel behavior‐ “Working past the till”

Suboptimal Inventorization
Over & under‐stocking of certain beverages
Time consuming inaccurate inventory

Unrecovered Costs & Revenue Losses:
How much is 23% of your liquor cost you when purchased?
How much revenue are you losing?

Inability to:
Identify irregularities in stock
Identify who is responsible
To take action against it!


Ongoing Return on Investment of having such a system:

  • Reduction of shrinkage
  • Lower bound capital through Just-in-Time reordering
  • Recapturing lost revenues
  • Realistic, real‐time inventory
  • ROI: estimated time to recoup investment fully, approximately 6‐12 months.