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Bar Inventory Manager Price List  

Product Price
 (Includes Shipping to USA, Canada, and Australia)
Price for EU Countries(Includes Shipping to EU)
Bar Manager Pro with AC Adapter US$485.00  Buy US$495.00  Buy
Bar Manager Printer with Powersupply US$230.00  Buy US$239.00  Buy
Bar Manager Label Printer for Barcoding of individual bottles of same brand US$230.00  Buy US$239.00  Buy
Bar Manager Scanner for Scale plug in with power supplied by scale US$324.00  Buy US$332.00  Buy
Bar Manager Keg Scale US$276.00  Buy US$286.00  Buy
Bar Manager Wireless Scanner US$505.00  Buy US$510.00  Buy
Bar Manager Software - Single Bar (download) US$128.00  Buy US$128.00  Buy
Bar Manager Software - Multiple Bars add on (download) US$50.00    Buy US$50.00    Buy
Bar Manager Stock Inventory add on (download) US$50.00    Buy US50.00      Buy
Bar Manager Barcode Label Identification Software for Individual Bottle Control (download) US$50.00    Buy US$50.00    Buy
Bar Manager Hydrometer to measure specific gravity US$35.00    Buy US$37.00    Buy
Set of rechargeable Batteries 1600mAh for Bar Manager Scale ( 6 ea. AA) US$25.00    Buy US$27.00    Buy
USB Power Adapter US$11.00    Buy US$12.00    Buy
Barcode LABELS ROLL OF 1000 US$29.00    Buy US$32.00    Buy
Thermal Paper Rolls for Bar Manager Label Printer
( 4 ea.)
US$18.00    Buy US$20.00    Buy

NOTE on shipping cost: The shipping costs quoted here are for shipments of single orders by DHL or Fed Ex. Once you order a scale with additional accessories we will combine the shipping cost to reduce it as much as possible. Larger orders can be shipped in various ways to reduce shipping costs: Airfreight seems less expensive at weights over 100kg. Seafreight much less expensive for shipments over 1-2 cubic meters ( transit time 5 weeks to USA). The KEG Scale is very heavy. We can ship it separately by registered parcel post and thus reduce the shipping cost. Shipping cost is already included in the price for shipment to USA, Canada, and Australia other countries may need to add extra charges. Shipping cost is already included in the price for shipment to EU countries in the EU pricelist, but countries in the Western EU may add extra charges.
Software updates for Scale, PC Inventory Management Program, Postage Calculator Program and membership of our Forum Sites: Free for 1 year. Software updates and other data downloads for subsequent periods: US$30.00 per year by subscription.

The scale when connected to a PC can also be used as a postage calculator.
Postage Calculator subscription: US$19.00 for 1 year download of new postal rates.

Contact us for pricing and shipping cost for larger orders.
Minimum Distributor Order per shipment: 5 scales regardless of accessories.
Please ask us for distributor prices and available territories.