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Bar Inventory Manager PC Program

The PC Management Software is an easy to use Management program which will download the collected data of the scale. Since the scale can be battery operated, the PC does not need to be near the bar. The Bar Manager PC software and its database will store all data and allow editing of data and prices. It also allows easy input of new brands, back up and maintenance of the scale's internal data base. Additional reporting functions and statistical function with print out and export to other programs make this a very cost effective and simple complete Bar Management System. The PC program can also be updated via the internet once newer version or more UPC/EAN data are from our data base. Multilingual Operation in: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian - user selectable (available end Sept 2008 or as Software update).
PC Software Main
Main Window
 PC Software New Bar Account
Setting up a new account
PC Program Multiple Bar Account
Multiple bar account
PC Software Sync Bar
PC Synchronization window 
 PC Software Main Bar
Bar Window
PC Software Summay Clipboard
Summary report 
 PC Program Summary Clipboard
Summary report from clipboard 
 PC Software Summary Excel
Summary report in Excel 
 PC Software Master List
Master list  
PC Software Add New Record
Add new record   
 PC Software View Excel
Record view in Excel 
PC Software Scale Update
Application program for scale update