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Other Accessories

Elane Bar Manager Rechargeable BatteriesRechargeable NIMH Battery-Set of 6

The Bar Inventory Manager Scale can be powered using 6 AA batteries. By using batteries, you can use the Bar Inventory Manager Scale even if there is no power outlet available. The high capacity 6 pieces NIMH batteries can power the Bar Inventory Manager Scale for many hours before it needs to be recharged again.
Type: NIMH
Capacity: 1600mAh
Charge/Discharge Cycle: 1000 times
Voltage: 1.2v

Elane Bar Manager Hydrometer


Allows you to determine the Specific Gravity of any Liquid. In absence of information of the Specific Gravity of your bar stock, you can measure it and enter the data into the Bar Inventory Manager data base.
Additionally, prevent Bartenders from adding water to open liquor bottles by using this Hydrometer in your Bar. A Hydrometer measures the density or specific gravity of a liquid. You can use the Hydrometer to check your open liquor bottles contents if water was added into it.


Elane Bar Manager Barcode Label Roll
Pre-Printed Barcode Labels Roll of 1000 labels

Barcode labels for the Bar Inventory Manager Inventory Control and individual bottle tracking . Each roll contains 1000 high quality Barcode Label stickers.


Elane Bar Manager Thermal Paper Roll
Thermal Paper Rolls for Bar Manager Label Printer

6 Rolls of quality Thermal Paper rolls suitable for the Bar Manager Label Printer.


USB Power Adapter

Powers up any USB device like the Bar Manager Scale and Scanner.
Elane Bar Manager USB Adapter Round Elane Bar Manager USB Adapter Flat Elane Bar Manager USB Adapter 3 Prong