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Elane Bar Manager ScaleElane Bar Inventory Manager Scale A sophisticated inventory data management system for use in liquor control for bars and restaurants. You can easily monitor and audit the change in weight of all bottles, from this change we can determine how much was poured and ultimately the equivalent cash amount is calculated. Now you can monitor the consumption with great accuracy without direct personal supervision. The system program with its optional PC based software performs as a complete inventory monitoring system for Bar and Stock. Multiple bars are also possible with one system.. The standalone scale without PC program can distinguish between standard and premium priced drinks. All databases are inside the scale’s flash memory for have fast access to all data of drinks in stock. The scanning of the Barcode of any bottle positively identifies the correct brand. New bottles can be added into the bar and are automatically registered. Empty bottle are weighted and automatically entered as "consumed" into the database. Scale can be connected to PC via USB for transferring data to the PC inventory management program, to update its software or to edit data.

The Scale is the heart of the system and can be used as a stand alone product or can be used to take inventory. It also contains connection and software to read the scanner, connect and drive the thermal printer and connect the keg scale.

This is unlike any other system on the market: Our scale is the complete management system and we use the PC program only for editing, data management and synchronization. Other system use a cheap scale and rely on a PC for all transactions. The Elane Bar Manager is compact and can be placed on any bar counter to operate on a continues basis to enter new liquor bottle in the bar and check out empty bottles. Even several scales can be used at the time a bar inventory or audit is performed and the data is synchronized in the PC database.

Please see Inventory Control Basics for more information, click here.