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Elane Bar Manager ScaleElane Bar Manager Pro Scale is an intelligent system that determines the number of liquor servings and consumption out of all records entered in a Bar. The updated software version is also able to take inventories of liquors consumed in bottles like beers, sodas and other bar merchandize like cigarettes, snacks that also need to be accounted to the Bar. With its internal database and management function, the total liquor consumption during a bar-tender’s shift can be determined by weighing all liquor bottles on the premises (full, open, empty) and use the intelligent software of the scale to summarize all drinks served. This smart scale with its software and accessories is competitively priced against various “toy-like” mechanical scales or counting scales which require a lot of time and manual entries and calculations to assess the results for determination of all drinks consumed in a certain time period. The scale electronics is most accurate and sophisticated electronic system using a 20-bit AD conversion, powerful 8-bit Microprocessor, surface mount components, high quality temperature compensated load cell and 2 lines of 16 digits each backlit dot-matrix LCD display.

    The useful and profitable features of the scale include:
  • Measures consumption and calculates number of drinks served out of all liquor bottle records in the bar by weighing of all opened bottles after a bar tender’s shift or at any time interval desired to take inventory of liquor drinks
  • Records consumption of other bar merchandize by input of current stock of this merchandize
  • Stores bar records of different types (up to 200 records of each type) – Whiskey, Scotch, Rum, Cognac Brandy, Vodka, Tequila, Liqueur/Cordial, Other Liquor, Bottles, and Other Merchandize (for Bar Manager PRO) which are useful to use in measuring consumption and taking inventory of consumed drinks
  • Stores bar records of different types (up to 200 records of each type) – Liquor, Wine Bottles, Alcoholic, and Non-alcoholic Bottles (for Bar Manager Inventory) which are useful to use in measuring consumption and taking inventory of consumed drinks
  • Stores empty bottle weight (tare weight) records of different liquor brands
  • Stores records for other bar merchandize for stock and inventory purposes
  • Takes inventory of liquors consumed in bottles (i.e. beers, sodas, etc.) by manual input of number of bottles left in bar
  • Takes inventory of other bar merchandize (i.e. packs of cigarettes, snacks, etc.) by manual input of number of bottles left in bar
  • Provides search/view of all stored records and calculated data using the Search and Summary Display keys which in turn can be printed in the thermal printer for further review and analysis
  • Provides summary of current liquor bottles in the system – by liquor brand or by bottle type
  • Provides summary of consumed liquor bottles in the system – by liquor brand or by bottle type
  • Provides summary of consumed merchandize or other items in the bar
  • Automatically enters missing empty bottle weight (tare weight) upon check out of an empty bottle to complete the record for the particular brand of liquor
  • Calculates specific gravity using full bottle weight, empty bottle weight, and full bottle content information of the specified liquor
  • Programmable pourer weight – can be preset to determine the weight of the pourer – so there is no need to remove the pourer on a bottle with partial contents during inventory checking
  • Programmable drink size (serving or shot size) to display consumed or remaining liquor by number of drinks or servings
  • Programmable Bar ID – allows the scale be used in several bars for storing bottle records and taking inventories
  • Programmable drink prices for premium, standard, and beer drinks which is useful when liquor serving price is categorized by these types
  • Has a unique Setup Menu to initially program the scale for its location and provides ways of setting the units of measurement, time and date format, and other important scale settings
  • The optional Bar Inventory Manager Scale Application Program is an easy to use computer application and provides more detailed reports and statistical analysis of the Bar Operations. It also provides a more convenient way to edit liquor bottle records and synchronize it with the Bar Inventory Manager Scale
  • Interface program which connects the scale to a PC via USB. It can download data from the PC and send data to the PC for permanent records, back-up and further analysis. Edited data on the PC can be synchronized back to the scale
  • Interface program can load master list of liquor bottle and empty liquor bottle records in Excel file making it easier to add and edit records to load into the scale memory
  • Can use optional barcode scanner to identify a liquor brand on the scale and transfer weight data automatically into the scale’s database
  • The optional data printer provides quick reports of weighing, consumption summaries and other important details, output or information from the bar
  • Can use optional 70kg/150lb external platform (keg scale) to manage Beer Kegs with automatic switching to Beer Keg mode once the Keg Scale is turned on
  • With the unit, we supply a calibration weight and user calibration software is included in the scale to compensate for different gravity values at its location and to check if the scale is in perfect condition
  • With its USB connectivity, software updates can be downloaded from the PC into the scale
  • Scale functions as a normal weighing scale when in default mode
The Bar Inventory Manager Scale is a sophisticated data management for use in bars. Its application is to monitor the change in weight of different kind of beverages in the bar. From this change in weight we can determine how much drinks were served and ultimately the equivalent cash can be calculated. So in short it is used to monitor the use or misuse of the drinks in the bar without direct personal supervision.

The system program with its optional PC based software acts as complete monitoring system. Basically the system can calculate the number of drinks poured in a certain shift or time period and accurately predict the cash register contents and provides many statistical data. The stand-alone scale without PC program can distinguish between standard and premium priced drinks.

Databases are employed to have fast access to all data of liquor brands in stock and through the scanning of barcode any bottle can be positively identified.

New liquor brands can be put into the bar and are automatically registered and assessed and the contents of the empty bottle are automatically entered as “consumed” into the database and the remaining poured drinks are automatically added to the quantity of consumed drinks in the database.

The updated software version also allows input of records for liquors and drinks that are consumed in bottles as well as for other bar merchandize that are consumed by piece. The scale can be used to manage stock and inventory of almost all bar items.

Range 8 lb/3.5 kg
0.01 oz/0.1 g Mechanical overload protection
Accuracy ± 0.1 % of reading ± 1 digit
Resolution 0.1g (0.01 oz)
Minimum Weight >1g (0.5 oz)
Min. Add-on Wt. >0.1g (0.01 oz)
Power Consumption Approx 0.35W ~ 0.40W
Power AC Adaptor – 12V, 200mA (Supplied)
USB Power when connected to the computer via USB cable (supplied)
Can be operated on 6 x AA batteries for greater portability (not supplied)
Warm-up time 5 seconds or less
Display 2 lines with 16 characters dot matrix liquid crystal display and backlighting With clear protective Plastic Bezel and Yellow LED backlight when using adapter or USB power
Warm up display Self Test <5 seconds
Temperature Good performance within 0 degree Centigrade to +40 degree C (32 degree F to 100 degree F)
Case & Platform Fine texture ABS plastic
With steel platform holder
Load Cell Technology Four element single strain gage with temperature compensation and overload protection.
Material: 2024 - T4/T351 Aluminum Alloy
Memory 1 MB of Flash Memory
Interface Printer Inferface (RS232)
Scanner Interface (RS232)
Keg Scale Interface (RS232)
Interface Cable via USB
User Calibration Using 50g- weight
Keys Technology : Membrane, Domed Keyboard for Tactile Response
Quantity : 25

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