Data Chip Order Form for AUSTRALIA
Effective January 2016

Please provide the following information and we will re-confirm the shipping cost and various shipping options to you by email and let you decide if you wish to continue with the order, modify or cancel.

Product Information:

PS3000 Australia N (Model B)
PS3000 Australia N (Model B, Default to Franking Machine)
Postage Australia
Postage Australia (Default to FM)
Exceed Australia
Keyboard Overlay (Optional)  
Postage Australia Keyboard Overlay
PS3000 Australia Keyboard Overlay
Exceed Australia Keyboard Overlay
Spare Adapter
If product is PS3000, please provide the following chip information:
Is it labeled with Model B? (please check the bottom of scale or the current data chip) Yes     No  
Use with Franking Machine  
Have no Franking Machine  
If product is PS3000 Mit (Model A), would you like to purchase a new replacement scale with latest rates for January 2016 rate change (PS3000N Model C) for AUD$145.00 (including shipping costs):   Yes
If product is Postage Australia, please provide the following keyboard label information:
Is the chip inside a chip holder? Yes     No    

Postage Australia data chip costs AUD$64.00 (shipping cost included)
PS3000N (Model B and C) Australia data chip costs AUD$97.00 (shipping cost included)
PS3000 Mit (Model A) Australia **
Exceed Australia software download costs AUD$77.00 (shipping cost included for keyboard overlay)

**We offer replacement scales for PS3000 Mit (Model A) for AUD$145.00 including shipping cost via FedEx. The replacement scale is a new PS3000N Australia scale with the latest rates for January 2016. We have stopped data chip support for PS3000 Mit (Model A) because the scales are at their end of service life.

Extra keyboard overlay costs AUD$6.00 (ship with the data chip)
Spare Adapter costs AUD$13.00  (shipping cost included)

Payment Options:

We require PAYPAL Payments. Our Paypal account is  

*** For those users without a paypal Account: Simply open a PayPal Account and then pay with your credit or bank transfer through this system (Paypal Website:

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Scale Serial Number (Open the battery compartment to find the serial number.)

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