Excellent Weight Conversion Calculator

Excellent Weight Conversion Calculator (JavaScript) to easily convert units of mass.   Just type in a value in the box labeled with the appropriate unit and click calculate to display the corresponding values. Click any of the text boxes or just click the clear button to start again. It's that easy.


Weight Conversion Calculator

Kilograms (kg) Troy Pounds (lb t) Quarters (short)
Grams (g) Troy Ounces (oz t) Centrals
Carats (c) Pennyweights (pw t) Decagrams
Milligrams (mg) Grains (GN) Decigrams
Pounds (lb) Ounce (oz ap) Hundredweights (long)
Ounces (oz) Scruple (s ap) Hundredweights (short)
Drams (dr) Dram (dr ap) Quarters (long)
Grains (gr) Tons (long) Quintals
Stones Tons (metric) Slugs



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