ELANE PS2000W's Scale



The Model  PS2000W is a high capacity scale switchable to weigh in various weighing units --Ounces, Pounds, Pound & Ounces, Grams, Troy Ounces, Troy Pounds, Troy Pounds & Ounces, Troy Pennyweights, Carats, Grains and Drams- Counting Scale Function also included with variable sampling counts.

It has an Optional RS232 Interface to PC.

If you are a serious seller who regularly ships a lot of items, then this scale is for you.   Whether you are in the US, Canada or anywhere else, this scale can accurately weigh your item to accurately determine the amount of postage that you charge your customer.  A small discrepancy in the measured weight of several items may cost you or your business more than you think.

Weight display in various weighing units



-Pounds and Ounces


-Troy Ounces

-Troy Pounds

-Troy Pounds and Ounces

-Troy Pennyweights




For counting items

This scale does not just weigh, it can count as well.  It can count coins, chips and all other things.

For office/home/kitchen use

Whether you are in the office or in your kitchen, something always crops up where you need to weigh.  Accurately measure your ingredients and prepare the best recipes.

Buy this scale and enjoy the benefits.

  • Very reasonably priced -- Remember that we manufacture the scales. 

  • A user's manual that can be clearly understood even without technical know how.

  • Technical support and 1 year warranty.

  • Excellent packaging that also ensures the safety of the item during shipping.

  • Easy to read liquid crystal display.

Please check out the following Scale Models and know more about their features and specifications:



PS2000W-N Precise 5kg 0.1g
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PS2000W-N Precise 10kg
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PS2000 Precise 500g 0.01g
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PS2000W-N Precise 1kg
Buy PS2000W-N Precise 1kg Now



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